Leading Continued Care Retirement Community in the US

Leverages Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Efficiency


The client is a leading healthcare provider in US. With customer-centricity at its core, client has been at the forefront of leveraging technology for better patient care. This has bestowed them with numerous accolades time and again.

  • Founded: 1907
    Employees: 1215
    Operations: 13+ Facilities

Business Challenge

With interoperability in the software ecosystem being the major bottleneck across business functions, substantial time and efforts were invested by client to extract, validate, verify & transfer data across multiple channels.
EMR, referral portals, patient connect, admission software and accounting portals were operated in silos due to a lack of interconnection between software
ecosystems. These processes were highly manual, repetitive and rule-based in nature but consumed valuable human hours that could have been better invested in productive value-adding activities.

Engagement Brief

Having identified the tectonic upshift AI was bringing to healthcare systems, the client desired to engage with a partner that could give a holistic perspective & detailed analysis on Org-wide AI automation and process re-engineering opportunities before jumpstarting the AI implementation. Succinctly put, the client wanted to chart out an AI automation roadmap and therefore looking for AI (Advisory + Implementation) partner for AI.

NuAIg Solution

With deep AI automation experience and team of AI evangelists and Industry luminaries, NuAIg proposed a 2 phase approach to help the client augment their business goals through AI automation. Rational was to craft a perfectly stitched roadmap for the client that accommodates both client’s niche business nuances and industry best practices.
Phase 1: Ecosystem Deep dive, Business Assessment & AI Adoption Roadmap
Phase 2: AI Implementation

The prime focus area of the project was to assess and identify intelligent automation potential across nominated Lines of Businesses (LOBs) including Finance, HR, Clinical, Operations and facets of Revenue Cycle Management. Multiple discovery sessions were set up with the client business process owners to facilitate the assessment.

Admission Process Automation
Donation Management
Accounts Payable Automation
Status Notice Process Automation
Payment Posting Automation
Caregiver Onboarding
Campus Report Management
Discharge Report Automation
Incident Reports Management
Appointment Scheduling

Key Assessment Metrics

0 + Processes

organization wide processes studied

0 %

Avg ROI of 40% in year one and 80% in subsequent years identified

0 Hours +

Automation potential identified