Vendor Order Management

Vendor order management process includes managing sales orders, services and their payment. Efficiency and accuracy of these processes are very critical for any organization in terms of finances and reputation as well. RPA can process sales orders, payment process managing data inconsistency and duplication thereby improving productivity and efficiency.

Vendor management use case

Purchase Order Management

RPA can efficiently streamline PO and invoicing processes.  Manual processing can result in errors and delayed payments. Automating such processes can improve accuracy adhering to company policies. RPA can assist in invoice processing and scanning to ensure robust cash conversion cycle and utilization of credit periods

PO management use case

Resume Parsing

Resume parsing is one of the foundational tasks in the recruitment process. HR frequently scans through resumes with different formats and filters them based on the requirement. RPA can help HR by automating the parsing and screening process. RPA can filter out the information from resumes in separate fields in an excel/database or shortlist resumes based on query input

Resume parsing use case

IT Support

With RPA, asset/hardware request can be automated. Once the manager approves the request, the bot can route the assets to the requester. Based on availability, bot can request for the purchase of hardware, which can improve the efficiency of IT staff while minimizing time consumption.

It support use case