A New Jersey-based CCRC Significantly Improved Payroll Efficiency with AI-Powered Automation


Founded in 1907 our client is a leading CCRC, offering the full continuum of senior care services including security, health care, and socialization. With 13+ facilities in the United States, the provider is featured in Best Nursing Homes and Short-Stay Rehabilitation Lists.
Aging service

Business Challenge

  • Delayed pay-outs to workforce in case of payrate change
  • Manual Information update across systems and departments
  • Recordkeeping of physical paper forms for future references
  • Long processing time overspilling to next payroll cycle
The entire process of ‘Payroll Change Request’ was manual where the physical forms were filled and information was fed into HRMS. Considering the frequency of forms to be processed in each cycle, long running manual processes were overspilled to next payroll cycle.
Employees were required to fill out a physical form with all information regarding changes to work hours and shift times for different types of employment, such as full-time and part-time. Once this was done, approval from the payroll department was required before each pay period.
There was always a high possibility of error when calculating gross pay while including allowances, deductions, and adhering to compliance.

NuAIg Solution

A complete digitized process was introduced, where employees could submit a digital form for pay change requests with minimal information.
At the backend, the Bot interacts with the HRMS system, fetches complete details, and sends a request for the manager’s approval.
Post approval, Bot updates the HRMS system and updates employees about the approved request and the payroll department about the change in payroll for the new pay period.

RPA for payroll change request that reduce the tedious work of employee attendance and leave management system.



Faster Request Processing
Bots can fetch data from the background and send the request forward for approval


With a 100% automated process and data capturing, the human errors are eliminated


AI bots are available 24*7 unlike the workforce


Which would keep on compounding year-on-year

Want to start with your automation journey?

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