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Health Revolution in the Era of Connected Intelligence

The medical and health industry faces three major challenges, and the value-based medical model has become a necessity in healthcare ecosystem Continuous population growth and aging, high incidence […]

Improve operational efficiency in healthcare with RPA

Providing high-quality and high-availability medical services for people with wide-ranging needs has brought several challenges in terms of operations. Strict procedures must be followed when handling sensitive […]

How to Make a Successful Artificial Intelligence Business project

In the era of Internet and mobile Internet entrepreneurship, many business projects have been streamlined. Big giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have all launched their own […]

AI In Theory

Improve Customer Engagement with Patient Access Automation

The Healthcare revenue cycle is a complex interconnected process. The provider’s Revenue cycle is ripe with manual processes across all the Phases. The Patient access phase being […]

Automating Financial Reconciliation Process Through RPA

With the development of artificial intelligence and allied technologies, finance workshops across enterprises are witnessing efficiency and productivity improvements. Typically, the challenges faced by the finance department […]

How the power of artificial intelligence revolutionized the sales industry

With the continuous development of the sales industry, sales strategies and technologies are also constantly improving to help the sales team attract new customers and retain existing […]

NuAIg AI Lens

Streamline Denial Management Process with Intelligent Automation

According to a report by Annals of Internal Medicine, 34.2% of national health expenditure in the United States is on Administration costs. 86% of errors in the […]

Now and Next: State of RPA

“Now and Next: State of RPA” report is designed to provide insights, best practices, and trends for organizations currently deploying or planning to deploy Robotic Process Automation […]

Demand Forecasting Using AI and Machine Learning

What is demand forecasting Demand forecasting is a significant application in the field of AI for all the businesses either it be retail or banking. In a […]

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