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2024: The Year Smart Tech Redefines Senior Living Technology Solutions

By 2030 over 20% of Americans will be 65+, with adults 85+ nearly doubling to 11.8 million. Already facing staff shortages, 29% of nurses may leave by […]

Automation and Analytics for Assisted Living Regulations & Compliance

Did you know that the number of Americans aged 65 and over is projected to double from 52 million in 2010 to 98 million by 2060? The […]

Boost Resident Experience with Smart Automation and Analytics

In today’s fast-paced world, senior living communities face increasing challenges in providing the best possible resident experience. Fortunately, smart automation and data analytics has emerged as a […]

AI Solutions for Aging Services: Enhancing Provider-Resident Experience

Current scenario of LTPAC Providers and Communities As the population ages and the demand for long-term care services grows, the aging industry isfacing significant challenges. A shortage […]

Driving Digital Transformation in Healthcare with Intelligent Automation

Digital transformation has become more pertinent to Healthcare providers with Pandemic and changing ecosystem dynamics. Enormous data, challenging onboarding process, clinical burnouts, denied claims are some of […]

How Invoice Automation is Transforming the Aging Services Community

Invoice processing is a key back-office process that requires a lot of manual effort. Such manual processes result in inefficiencies, delays, errors and higher operational costs. In […]

4 Step guide to scaling AI in Senior Living

A guide to scaling AI in Senior Living – In this guide, you’ll learn how Senior Living facilities can implement AI and Machine Learning while improving care and minimizing risk.

Six ways AI is elevating Senior patient Experience

The World Medical Innovation Forum announced “quality time with patients” as one area where AI-powered technologies will impact healthcare substantially. Assisted-living providers are embracing AI-driven technologies to […]

Addressing staffing shortage in Eldercare with AI

AI-driven Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can substantially simplify your process as well as save time and efforts of your staff which can subsequently realign your human capital.

Accelerate Healthcare Supply Chain with AI and RPA

Over the years, Hospitals have invested a million dollars in building their supply chainprocesses. The Healthcare supply chain still remains complex and comes with variedchallenges. The major […]

Empowering Bed Capacity Management with AI

AI-enabled bed management benefits patient flow optimization and capacity management.

RPA in Discharge Instruction management – Healthcare

A successful discharge process requires ancillary departments to work collaboratively. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) augments the process by automating such repetitive tasks. RPA can help the healthcare industry reduce costs, limit the occurrence of errors and improve operational efficiency.

A step-by-step scenario to AI-enabled Invoice Processing

A typical Accounts Payable team in an Enterprise deals with a plethora of invoices on daily basis. From indexing invoices to validations, the accounts team has to ensure all the vendors are paid at the right time. With intelligent automation (RPA), bots can use autonomous learning and cognitive capabilities for automating invoice processing.

HR Automation: Leveraging Automation for caregiver onboarding

Incorporating AI automation in the caregiver onboarding process can help organizations improve process metrics with Increased speed of execution, improved accuracy, and better productivity.

How Healthcare can leverage Artificial Intelligence for medical coding and Billing

Artificial intelligence has the potential to radically transform medical coding for providers to strengthen their revenue cycle

Improve Customer Engagement with Patient Access Automation

Healthcare providers can deliver a world-class patient experience with intelligent automation without hampering current processes.

Streamline Denial Management Process with Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation in managing claim denials is reimagining revenue cycle operations of Healthcare Providers

Health Revolution in the Era of Connected Intelligence

Know how healthcare providers achieve the ultimate goal of population health management through interconnection and care coordination

Automating Financial Reconciliation Process Through RPA

With the development of artificial intelligence and allied technologies, finance workshops across enterprises are witnessing efficiency and productivity improvements. Typically, the challenges faced by the finance department […]

Improve operational efficiency in healthcare with RPA

RPA in Healthcare Industry is improving operational efficiency to elevate repetitive and manual tasks associated with providers

Now and Next: State of RPA

“Now and Next: State of RPA” report is designed to provide insights, best practices, and trends for organizations currently deploying or planning to deploy Robotic Process Automation […]

How the power of artificial intelligence revolutionized the sales industry

Artificial Intelligence in the sales industry is revolutionizing how sales teams attract new customers and retain existing customers.

How to Make a Successful Artificial Intelligence Business project

In the era of Internet and mobile Internet entrepreneurship, many business projects have been streamlined. Big giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have all launched their own […]

RPA the next growth lever for Enterprises

What is robotic process automation? Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps organizations to automate complex and time taking tasks, similar to humans performing any task across the system. […]

Demand Forecasting Using AI and Machine Learning

What is demand forecasting Demand forecasting is a significant application in the field of AI for all the businesses either it be retail or banking. In a […]

AI Report – Latest AI Advancements in 2020

The AI Report 2020 analyses the latest development in AI. It states the various aspects of AI and its implication for the future. Everything around us today […]

AI artificial intelligence professional vocabulary collection

Here’s some popular AI artificial intelligence professional vocabulary collection to jumpstart you AI journey.

Eliminate obstacles with AI guide

In a time when businesses are rapidly transforming and scaling in the digital world, AI is playing a leading role. With the expansion, it becomes crucial for […]

Successful AI’s Secret Sauce – HBR

Full Article: In light of HBR’s research report, Competing in the age of AI is not about just being tech driven, its about how businesses absorb […]

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

The area of Artificial intelligence is undergoing endless advancements. The business landscape is highly technology-driven and dynamic which requires focus not only on growth but also on […]

Beginners Guide to AI

AI is the hottest trailblazer technology in the modern era. It is dramatically redefining the way we work and is the building block of generating insights as […]

Execution Playbook

Discover: We help you discover processes that can be potentially automated and are in sync with business goals. We align these in tranches to realize early success […]