Pioneering AI Solutions for Enhanced Senior Care

NuAIg is driving innovation to transform senior care with smart, responsive AI technologies that improve outcomes and enrich lives.
NuAIg leaders are regularly invited as keynote speakers at top industry conferences and pivotal company board retreats, driving the conversation on integrating AI in senior care. Our innovative approaches and insightful case studies are prominently featured at industry-leading events, solidifying our status as pioneers and thought leaders in the sector.

Upcoming Sessions

LeadingAge New York, 2024 CCRC Summit

In this session, we will delve into AI and its components such as Automation, Analytics, and Generative AI, which play a crucial role in the digital transformation journey of Aging Services.

CALA, 2024 Fall Conference and Trade Show

Join to explore future of senior living tech. Learn how to leverage Gen AI, RPA, Data Analytics to elevate resident experience, harness analytics for monitoring and reduce hospitalization rates.

LeadingAge Annual Meeting

Key Takeaways:
. Understand the need for AI-driven Automation
2. Give examples of automation use cases
3. Propose Automation to other stakeholders in their organization

Past Sessions

Events 2024

LeadingAge Leadership Summit 2024

We attended the 2024 LeadingAge Leadership Summit that brought together nearly 1,000 senior and emerging leaders from aging service providers across the country.

LeadingAge Annual Meeting 2024

Join thousands of leaders from across the aging services, in-home and community-based care spectrum poised to experience innovations and solutions like they never have before.

LeadingAge New Jersey & Delaware, Annual Meeting + Expo

This exhibit will focus on empowering you to develop the courage to overcome obstacles, take risks, and pursue your goals with confidence. You’ll engage with our sector’s leading experts, network with fellow aging services professionals, and discover new products and services.

Past Events

NuAIg Case Study Published by LeadingAge CAST

Improving Decision-Making, Accountability, and Productivity through Data Analytics

data analytics case study to improve decision making

Major KPIs Incorporated:

  • Historical Occupancy Trend Analysis
  • Analysis of Donations Received
  • Budget vs. Actual Finance Analysis
  • Trend Analysis with respect to Payer Type

Improving Productivity, Resident/ Employee Experience and Driving Innovation through Digital Transformation

Key Metrics:

  • Increasing Productivity
  • Reducing Labor Costs
  • Improving Resident
  • Employee Experience
  • Driving Innovation
case study about digital transformation for resident experience

The NuAIg team worked on creating a Digital transformation roadmap for providers in a select committee, including providers and the CAST commission.

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