Transform Finance at Aging Services: Unlocking half a million in annual saving with AI driven automation

The senior living industry, deeply impacted by the pandemic, continues to grapple with challenges like staffing shortages, rising inflation, and thin operating margins.
Working closely with Aging Services, we understand the  daily “pain points” of finance team including paper-based documentation, inefficient invoice processing, lack of visibility and control, compliance issues, scalability limitations, and manual approval workflows.
In this webinar, we explored the benefits of AI-driven automation and how it can streamline finance processes including invoice processing, accounts payable etc.
In this webinar, we showcased how providers can regain control of their workload and focus on strategic tasks potentially saving up to 80% of employees’ time.
We had a Q&A session we answered your questions on automating finance processes and learned about the next steps to implement AI in your organization for immediate results.

In these 15 mins, you will learn:

  • The most potential processes with the highest ROI automated by Finance leaders of Aging Services bringing in annual savings of more than $0.5M (6000+ hours).
  • Save up to 80% of employees’ time by automating data extraction from physical & digital forms and updating across systems.
  • Empower your workforce by optimizing the processes and adopting right tools & technologies that uniquely fit to your organizational processes.
  • Streamlined workflows and improved turnaround time by more than 90%.

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