Database is a crucial engine for enterprises to achieve innovation through their AI project. On an average 70% of AI project’s timeline is usually absorbed by data curation and data labeling tasks. We can help you save this productive time by focusing on more value adding tasks. Our Data Management and annotation services use niche contemporary tools and deep experience to deliver the right input for your AI project
  • Data Warehousing

    Streamline, Transform and leverage your Data from across disparate sources to derive maximum business value and draw actionable insights. We develop, maintain and support your data warehousing needs to deliver integrated data repository.

  • Data Extraction

    Our teams help businesses curate their data to make it contextually relevant and extract information from broad sets of unstructured data. It helps enterprises in decision-making.

  • Data Annotation

    We excel in data labeling of complex projects involving edge cases, polygon, bounding box annotations, semantic segmentation & LiDar data annotation.

  • Names entity classification

    We support digital document analysis, conversational AI development, and knowledge curation projects with a data-driven approach

  • Sentiment analysis

    We can help you identify trends and brand sentiment across channels. Additionally, we also assist in the intent and conversation analysis of digital assistants

  • Audio and text transcription

    We can digitally transform data from speech/ audio/ image/ video sources. Digital transcription can comparatively take less time than manual service