Augment your Retail Value chain with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

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Retail and supply chain industry is at the forefront of AI adoption and augmentation with proven use cases across functions. The Retail Value chain is remarkably bending the cost curves and augmenting decision making to deliver enhanced customer experience through adoption of Artificial Intelligence solutions.
We at NuAIg offer suite of AI solutions & services that can help you augment your AI roadmap. We deliver AI consultation and solutions across different stages of AI & ML journey that assist enterprises to scale up business, enhance CX, reduce costs & improve productivity


Machine learning types
We leverage contemporary tools and expertise to architect time-series forecasting,
insight detection & risk prediction models for your organization

Demand Forecasting

ML models based on stock data, promotions, media, web, market model, new products, historical demand, Weather, Holidays, Macro-Economic Data, HR & Training Data, etc. to forecast demand

Sentiment Analysis

Generate holistic insights from newly launched drugs/products/brands to track performance and customer sentiments across CRM/social media. This can be automated to produce regulatory reports for compliance

Marketing Strategy

AI models can look at a variety of factors including past sales, store display space, local trends, online behavior, and predicted weather patterns to determine which products would best suit a given store

Resource Optimization

➤  Vehicle Optimization: Improvement in supplier diversity and reduction in supplier risk by using ML models that optimize these parameters. Algorithms can determine the right mix of carriers and equipment type to cater to the shipments that need to be delivered to reduce freight costs

➤  Route Optimization: Identifies the most optimum route for driver; reducing miles driven, travel time, fuel use& related emissions

➤  Inventory Optimization:  Reduction of Overstocking of non-moving items and reducing OOS (Out-of-stock) situation for fast moving items

AI Assistant

➤ Deliver store-like experience to your consumer on a digital platform with personalized AI assistants to improve customer service support

➤ Chatbots can be used for Operational Procurement & suppliers FAQs

➤ They can research and answer internal questions regarding procurement functionalities or a supplier/supplier set

Computer Vision

Get a detailed customer analysis on


➤  Showroom experience

➤  Visitor Foot fall

➤  Visitor Emotions

➤  Eye Gaze

➤  heat map of customer preferences

➤  Age & Gender Bifurcation

➤  Understand which sections of the store, the customer spend more time

➤  Store surveillance

➤  Sales-Person Efficiency


Robotic process automation (RPA) deploys virtual workforce to emulate human actions to automate recurring and rule-based processes. Operations like Inventory management and invoicing can be easily handled with virtual robots that are trained for retail landscape.
Scope of RPA potential is significant both vertically and horizontally across enterprises. We have developed landscape RPA heat maps that are topical to every sector and domain


RPA benefits