What do we do?

We are a Digital Transformation Consulting firm that specializes in the Advisory and implementation of AI, Automation, and Analytics strategies for Healthcare providers.

Envisioning Workshops

Interactive workshop to co-create the organization’s Automation vision

Assessment & Road mapping

Assess current processes across LOBs, define best-fit areas for automation in multi-week engagement


Technology agnostic AI and Automation services to improve operational efficiencies and accelerate effective caregiving

Center of Excellence (COE)

Every CCRC is unique; COE enables success by setting up a task force to monitor outcomes and support change management and continuously evolve your automation workflows

Our Presence at industry-specific thought-leadership events and publications:

We presented our success with AI and Automation at LeadingAge Annual Meet 2022 at Denver in a dedicated session with a Provider CIO.

Upcoming expert sessions by our team

Our CEO will be delivering a session at the 25th Annual Ziegler LeadingAge National CFO Workshop at Nashville on April 26- April 28.
We will be presenting an educational session at LeadingAge 2023 Spring Conference in Wisconsin on May 3 - May 5.

The NuAIg team worked on creating a Digital transformation roadmap for providers in a select committee, including providers and the CAST commission.

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  • Improving Productivity
  • Resident/Employee Experience
  • And Driving innovation through Digital Transformation
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Aging service

A CCRC Leverages Automation to Achieve Interoperability in Healthcare

This interoperability in healthcare implementation case study for US-based aging services improved operational efficiencies.

A CCRC Significantly Improved Payroll Efficiency with AI-Powered Automation

This payroll automation implementation case study for aging services improved Payroll Efficiency.

Discussing benefits of Interoperability in aging services

An Aging Provider Leverages Automation for Resident Document Transfer

How a Continuing Care Retirement Community Improved Efficiency with Automated Resident Information Transfer

Our series of webinars focusing on the impact of AI - driven Automation on all aspects of Aging Services across functions

Knowledge Capsule

Read more about our latest news posts and be informed

AI Solutions for Aging Services: Enhancing Provider-Resident Experience

Current scenario of LTPAC Providers and Communities As the population ages and the demand for long-term care services grows, the aging industry isfacing significant challenges. A shortage […]

Driving Digital Transformation in Healthcare with Intelligent Automation

Digital transformation has become more pertinent to Healthcare providers with Pandemic and changing ecosystem dynamics. Enormous data, challenging onboarding process, clinical burnouts, denied claims are some of […]

How Invoice Automation is Transforming the Aging Services Community

Invoice processing is a key back-office process that requires a lot of manual effort. Such manual processes result in inefficiencies, delays, errors and higher operational costs. In […]

4 Step guide to scaling AI in Senior Living

A guide to scaling AI in Senior Living – In this guide, you’ll learn how Senior Living facilities can implement AI and Machine Learning while improving care and minimizing risk.