Augment Personalised Care:

Enhance Operational Efficiency and Address Interoperability Challenges with AI

What is artificial intelligence (AI), and how AI-driven Automation can transform operational processes like PBJ reporting, RN assessment of new admissions, therapy referral management, and incident reporting and management?
In the digital transformation era, healthcare providers and Aging Services providers want to reduce employee and caregiver burnout and save costs while focusing on personalized care to residents or patients.
Experts at NuAIg are presenting a webinar series, Transforming the Aging Industry with Artificial Intelligence, which provides the knowledge and approach needed to get started on the Digital Transformation journey.
We have presented a webinar on transforming operation processes; in this webinar, we have discussed how automating operational processes can significantly reduce onboarding time for caregivers by up to 70%, streamline workflows, and improve overall efficiency across all operations:

In this session, you will learn:

  • Destress your caregivers by automating record keeping across EMRs and software.
  • Improve operational services towards residents with the low turnaround time for service requests, incident tracking and updating family members.
  • Reduce caregivers’ onboarding time by 70%. 
  • Automation that can improve patient care and management without hiring additional staff.

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