Streamlining Legacy Processes and Automating Key Finance Tasks to Save Millions Annually

24 August 2023
1:00 PM EST
Finance leaders at aging services face numerous challenges with manual, repetitive, and non-productive tasks. These tasks not only consume time and resources but also lead to errors that result in financial losses.
At NuAIg, we specialize in helping organizations like yours embrace AI-driven intelligent automation and data analytics at the enterprise level to become more efficient, save costs, and deliver better care. With our extensive experience and expertise, we have already mapped 100+ workflows with a host of providers that are ripe for automation across different functions.
AI and automation, we can help you free up your resources to focus on higher-value activities and Save more than $0.5M every year by reducing these tasks, while also improving the quality of care.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Digitize and streamline the legacy processes in order to improve efficiency and reduce overhead expenses resulting from time delays.
  • Automate key finance processes ranging from data processing to payments which are susceptible to human errors.
  • Reduce backlogs by automating alerts and reminders

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