Establishing COE: Driving Continuous Innovation in the age of AI and Value-Based Care

    As baby boomers reshape care expectations, senior living communities must evolve. Beyond basic amenities, they seek holistic care plans that include a robust tech experience.
    In this session, our experts will showcase how to evaluate your current technology stack, develop a long-term plan for digital transformation ultimately creating a mechanism for continuous innovation.
    We will explore how NuAIg significantly adds value by assisting you in leveraging emerging technologies like AI and its constituents.
    We’ll delve into practical strategies and real-world examples of how establishing a COE can drive innovation and foster digital transformation.

    In this session, you will learn:

    • Gain strategic insights into initiating your Automation & Digital Transformation journey.
    • By establishing COE discover the untapped potential for saving ~$1M annually by implementing the right operational efficiencies tailored to your organization.
    • Empower your workforce by optimizing the processes and adopting right tools & technologies that uniquely fit to your organization.
    What our Provider clients say

    As the Vice President for Innovation at United Methodist Communities, I am always on the lookout for innovative solutions and partnerships that can elevate our operational efficiency and service quality. Our collaboration with NuAlg has been a standout in this regard.


    Their Center of Excellence, featuring a team of accomplished developers, process specialists, data analysts, and automation experts, has been a vital asset in optimizing and automating our processes.


    – Travis Gleinig | Vice President of Innovation & CIO