Establishing COE: Driving Continuous Innovation in the age of AI and Value-Based Care

    As baby boomers reshape care expectations, senior living communities must evolve. Beyond basic amenities, they seek holistic care plans that include a robust tech experience.
    In this session, our experts showcased how to evaluate your current technology stack, and develop a long-term plan for digital transformation ultimately creating a mechanism for continuous innovation.
    We explored how NuAIg significantly adds value by assisting you in leveraging emerging technologies like AI and its constituents.
    We delved into practical strategies and real-world examples of how establishing a COE can drive innovation and foster digital transformation.

    In these 30 minutes, you will learn:

    • Gain strategic insights into initiating your Automation & Digital Transformation journey.
    • By establishing COE discover the untapped potential for saving ~$1M annually by implementing the right operational efficiencies tailored to your organization.
    • Empower your workforce by optimizing the processes and adopting right tools & technologies that uniquely fit to your organization.
    What our Provider clients say

    As the Vice President for Innovation at United Methodist Communities, I am always on the lookout for innovative solutions and partnerships that can elevate our operational efficiency and service quality. Our collaboration with NuAlg has been a standout in this regard.


    Their Center of Excellence, featuring a team of accomplished developers, process specialists, data analysts, and automation experts, has been a vital asset in optimizing and automating our processes.


    – Travis Gleinig | Vice President of Innovation & CIO

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