Beginners Guide to AI

beginners guide to AI

AI is the hottest trailblazer technology in the modern era. It is dramatically redefining the way we work and is the building block of generating insights as companies are churning tons of data each day. In a recent article, statista Predicts Artificial intelligence software market revenue to be 126 billion by 2025 worldwide. It is exponentially expanding and growing every day by learning, reasoning and imitating human capabilities.

We are experiencing the next big industrial revolution of technology-driven change denoted as “Industrial Revolution 4.0”. World Economic forum has pegged AI to be the heart of this industrial revolution. A solid AI flywheel is what will drive the differentiating blue ocean and push productivity frontiers across spectrum of industries.

Conceptualizing Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence coined in 1950 was described as the ability of computer software to possess human-level intelligence. AI is based on principles that support and complement human capabilities and not replace the human workforce. It is the ability of expert systems to grasp and simulate characteristics of human intelligence. Utilizing this technology, computers can be prepared to achieve explicit tasks by handling a lot of data and patterns to generate insights.AI is augmenting human capabilities by its complex decision-making, predictive analytics, understanding human speech, pattern recognition and Visual acuity.

To get started with there are many fields like Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Augmented Reality and Natural Language Processing that fall under the ambit of Artificial Intelligence.