HR Automation: Leveraging Automation for caregiver onboarding

Automated caregiver onboarding process

The caregiver onboarding process, especially for senior living, can be a long tedious process. Onboarding a caregiver, nurse, or employee can have a whole bunch of processes associated with it from receiving applications to caregiver screening and evaluation. Typically, organizations are heavily relying on paperwork for onboarding including manual questionnaire evaluations & entering data into HR systems.

Incorporating AI automation in the caregiver onboarding process can help organizations improve process metrics with Increased speed of execution, improved accuracy, and better productivity.

Intelligent automation is reshaping the future of the senior living recruitment cycle. Talent acquisition teams are now delegating their task load, focusing on more critical tasks. In the next segment, we will go over the steps automation can take over to streamline the workflow:

A walkthrough of the automated caregiver onboarding Process:

● Accepting Request:
Organizations receive thousands of Job applications from various portals. The bot facilitates the application process by instantly providing evaluation questionnaires to the applicants. Further, The applicants fill the form and submit it to the portal. Utilizing intelligent technology extracts the information from the from.

Questionnaire Screening:
Recruiters spend countless hours screening the right candidates for the position. AI solution automates the process by screening out the best-suited candidate from a large applicant pool. It automatically rejects unqualified candidates by analyzing the evaluation questionnaire. The bot sends an email to candidates informing them about their application status.

Scheduling the Interview:
Once the qualified candidate is identified, the next step is to set up an interview. An AI-powered scheduler schedules the interview based on the interviewer’s calendar availability with the candidate. Meanwhile, Conversational AI engages the candidate by answering their questions about the job.

Releasing offer Letter:
The RPA Bot automatically creates a personalized offer letter for the caregiver. Sends a warm welcome letter with required documents including policies of the company and onboarding form.

Accepting onboarding form:
Once the caregiver accepts the offer and sends the signed form, The Bot extracts the information and requests missing information from the new joiner. Once all the information is extracted it saves the data into the HR system

● Creating a cover letter:
Once the information is verified Bot creates a cover letter and email to the new joiner.

The day of joining:
HR gets the bandwidth for proper orientation while Bots take care of the back-office operations. It logs into the CRM system and enters employee personal details, payroll, and compensation details.

Welcome Message:
The bot sets up multiple accounts on various company platforms on applications like Salesforce etc. and schedules meetings and orientation with HR and other team members. It saves time for the HR team by

❖ Emailing the facility manager requesting workstation details.
❖ Emailing IT department requesting laptop and initial setup with the date of joining.
❖ Emailing payroll with Accurate documentation

The role of Advanced technology in senior care is drastically growing. Map the ideal strategies on how to implement AI for the streamlined Onboarding process with a NuAIg Team. NuAIg has been working with Senior care providers to jumpstart their automation journey.