Accelerate Healthcare Supply Chain with AI and RPA

AI in Supply Chain

Over the years, Hospitals have invested a million dollars in building their supply chain
processes. The Healthcare supply chain still remains complex and comes with varied
challenges. The major issues could be supply hoarding, product inventory and expiration,
and demand forecasting. Unfortunately for most providers, clear visibility into these issues
remains very limited.

The evolution of AI shows great potential to transform supply chain management.
Automation is one of the cost-effective strategies in healthcare that can offer huge ROI.
RPA Services (Robotic Process Automation) are widely adopted to reduce human intervention for repetitive and manual tasks like capturing and processing data and communicating with customers.RPA augments supply chain management, eliminates human intervention, and increases productivity.

Role of RPA in Healthcare Supply chain
  • Automating Order Processing

Order processing incorporates manual task that is the best-suited candidate for
RPA. Automating the order processing at the point of care is a huge opportunity that
will change how we manage healthcare. With intelligent automation, product
selection and order confirmation can be automated.

  • Inventory Management

Inventory management is a complex activity that involves monitoring inventory
levels, placing an order, and tracking products across the supply chain. RPA
identifies required inventory and matches it with present stock. RPA helps to track
the product right from the order placement till the delivery.

  • Planning Supply and Demand

RPA combined with AI and ML accurately forecast demand that significantly helps
providers to save inventory from overstock. It analyzes massive data and prepares
reports that help providers plan efficiently

  • Vendor Management

Vendor miscommunication often leads to order delays and transactional risk.
Stakeholders and Suppliers often have questions that require a team of members to
solve. RPA combined with NLP can understand and respond to requests, common
queries, send quotes and proposals to stakeholders. It can also efficiently process
Requisition Forms, Order Quotations, and Vendor Proposals thereby automating the
complete vendor management process.

  • Invoice Management

Invoice Management involves tedious tasks like Invoice formulation, Entering invoice
details, reconciling invoices, and mapping payments with invoices. RPA can extract
data from purchase orders and automatically create an invoice

The future of the healthcare supply chain lies in automating its processes. Current manual
processes are not only error-prone but also time-consuming and inefficient.
The potential for intelligent automation for healthcare providers is immense across
business operations. NuAIg helps you identify these low-hanging fruits and jumpstart your
AI journey