Accelerating effective Foundation Programs with Intelligent Automation

Seamless information across Donation| Finance | Constituents | Residents | Caregivers

Integrating and automating internal softwares & workflows of Foundation LOB at LTPAC and CCRCs so that you can focus on raising funds and support the mission of providing excellent care at subsidized costs.

Unleash the true potential of Digital Transformation

NuAIg leverages contemporary technologies like AI, ML, RPA, Data Engineering to integrate disparate software across donation management, constituent management, EMR, & Financial management and provide better outcomes for residents, staff, and society.
Our aim is to help reduce long-term care costs and improve efficiencies wherever possible. We help you streamline and automate every manual process that needs automation and help focus the fundraisers on their actual goals.

Operations within Foundation LOBs require

  • Voluminous paperwork and tedious verifications.
  • Manually updating information across disparate software EMR, Donor Management, Financial Management, Campaign Management and many more

RPA Use Cases for Foundation LOB of Aging Services

We have put together a list of workflows in Foundation LOB that can be effectively automated. Some of those are

Seamless information flow between EMR and Donation Management Software

Updating constituent’s Bio, and pictures, from EMR (Point click care, matrix care, Netsmart) into Donation Management Platform (Blackbaud Raizer’s Edge, Bloomerang) is a manual mundane task and the chances of errors are high. RPA Bot can log in to EMR, copy Bio and Photo and paste it on the Fundraising software, without error and fatigue.

Reconciling resident status report

Financial reports are manually cross-verified with Foundation’s reports, this reconciliation should be more frequent but dependency on finance receivable reports and the manual verification process makes it difficult to do this frequently. Trained bots to extract reports from Finance and Donation Management software, reconcile and update records as needed, in turn eliminating manual work and boosting employee productivity

Deceased constituent and memorial updation

Manually marking a constituent as deceased, updating spouse/ family member as the primary contact, and selecting tribute involves several steps making the process very cumbersome. AI-driven bots automate this entire process with least human intervention.

Pledge and non-pledge Donation entry and reconciliation Process

Pledge and non-pledge donations are added manually into the Donation management Software, in the case of pledge donations installments are entered based on reports received from Finance.

Reconciliation of pledge donations requires downloading of pledge balance reports from Donation management softwares and send to finance for verification, which is completely mundane, slow, and prone to errors.

Bots are deployed to make pledge & non- pledge donation entry and reconciliation process fully automated. These smart bots create a bridge between Finance and Donation management Software that enables a smooth flow of information.

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    Other key processes mapped for Foundation

    Donations balance and inflow report generation and sharing with finance
    Cheque scanning and data entry process flow
    Updating new residents
    Downloading residents report

    Learn how we can accelerate donor engagement and staff efficiency?

    Envisioning Workshops

    Interactive workshop to co-create the organization’s Automation vision

    Assessment & Road mapping

    Assess current processes across LOBs, define best-fit areas for automation in multi-week engagement


    Technology agnostic AI and Automation services to improve operational efficiencies and accelerate effective caregiving

    Center of Excellence (COE)

    Every CCRC is unique; COE enables success by setting up a task force to monitor outcomes and support change management and continuously evolve your automation workflows

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