Empowering Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence


Robotic process automation(RPA) deploys a virtual workforce to emulate human actions. It helps to automate recurring and rule-based processes across the value chain of business. Healthcare providers carry out a spectrum of repetitive tasks from patient on-boarding to patient scheduling to claim management.  Automation of these auxiliary processes can give significant edge to healthcare providers.


40-50% cost saving

Improved accuracy

Lightning fast process speeds

Enhanced efficiency

Better Compliance

Minimize degree of errors

Improved Customer Experience

Fastest payback within 8-9 months



RPA robot can automate the patient data collection and processing workflows and select the optimal appointment time for the patient based on their diagnosis, doctor availability, location and protocols


RPA solution ensures that invoices are smoothly validated and approved with automated checks and minimizing or completely removing user intervention, to deliver high efficacy and efficiency.


Claim management includes several sub-processes: input, processing, evaluation, and appeal processing. RPA can significantly increase the processing speed and accuracy, reducing the turnaround time and cost to scale


Pre-authorization is required to assess the medical necessity and cost-of-care ramifications. RPA bot can expedite manual entry, verification, monitoring with almost zero error. Any error can lead to denial.


HR needs to do a lot of preparations for the integration of new members. RPA Automation shortens the HR checklist a lot and allows a software system to interact with each other. RPA can double-check HR compliance.

Revenue Cycle Management

RCM process is essential for a healthcare practice to maintain financial viability by improving cash cycle. RPA can be a efficient and effective tool that can streamline RCM processes while saving cost and time.

Insurance Status Check

Sourcing and integrating information from various internal and external sources is a daunting challenge for healthcare organizations. With RPA, it can be transformed into a smooth and easy process.


We at NuAIg can help you envision your RPA roadmap that resonates perfectly with your business goals.

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We help you unleash the value of data        and design a strategic roadmap to augment your business goals. With our Machine Learning solutions, enterprises can leverage the power of algorithmic decisioning

Sentiment Analysis

Generate holistic insights from newly launched drugs/products/brands to track performance and customer sentiments across CRM/social media/ native feedbacks. This can further be automated to produce relevant regulatory reports for compliance

AI Assistant

AI assistants can act as a digital therapist. It can give patients real-time feedback and can provide recommendations based on past clinical records to the clinical team. It can help to stimulate social engagements and calendar scheduling.

Fraud Detection

Machine learning uses a data analysis model to analyse claims made by the customer. It also classifies correctly whether the requested claim is legitimate or fraudulent. This reflects in better claim management with reduced loss.

Shift Optimization

Send the right care to the right areas & at the right time using ML models. Prioritize staff based on past care unit history, expertise, calendar, additional variables. Balanced work schedules can reduce employee stress and boost productivity.

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