Retail & Supply Chain

Leverage Omni channel AI powered solutions for better customer experience. Automate and scale your back office processes with state of art RPA tools.

  • Personalization Engine & Chatbot: Deliver store like experience to your consumer on digital platform with our personalization tools. Improve customer service support with dynamic chat assistant.
  • Analytics: Get 360 degree view of customer preferences with our Omni channel analytics and visualization tools. Combine the power of your offline and digital store with real time insights.
  • Automated Inventory management: Optimize Inventory management process with AI models that are ideal and trained in handling such aspects of the retail landscape. Our AI tools can automate batch validation, warehouse management, logistics administration, order management.
  • Planning and sourcing: Eliminated scope of errors and optimize your procurement strategy with AI powered data decisions. We assist in automating sales forecasting, requisition management, demand planning, reconciliations, PO management.
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Healthcare Industry

With huge amounts of data churning out consistently, healthcare industry is at an inflexion point of deriving deep invaluable insights using this golden data. Automation of auxiliary processes can give significant edge to the industry incumbents.

  • Administrative Workflow Intelligence: Automate administrative processes like patient authorization workflow, billing and claim processing & patient documentation. Generate meaningful insights to your valuable data using AI.
  • Fraud Detection: Implement the top- notch machine learning technology to detect fraud in Insurance claims.
  • Customer Care: Unleash the power of AI for your business by amplifying Customer Experience. Out tools provide an opportunity for the organization to understand their customers and to offer right set of targeted services in timely manner.
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