Improve Critical Decision Making with Custom Dashboards for LTPACs and CCRCs

Learn how senior living CXOs leverage smart analytics system for 360° view of their Community

    Working closely with aging services, we understand data plays a crucial role in driving informed decisions, measuring performance, and analyzing the return on investment (ROI) of your programs.

    Additionally, disparate systems and paper-based methods lead to silos. In this webinar, our experts have discussed how AI-driven RPA enables seamless integration across systems and achieves a unified view of community data.

    Watch our On Demand Webinar and learn how to break data silos, utilising robotic process automation (RPA) to extract data from sources like PCC, Enquire, Netsmart and more even if they have API restrictions, and deliver accessible, insight-rich custom dashboards.
    Few examples of KPIs:

    Historical Occupancy Trend Analysis

    Census Analysis across Service Line

    Invoice analysis

    Accounts Payable Analysis

    Analysis of donations received

    In these 30 minutes, you will learn:

    • How CXOs around the industry are using interactive analytical dashboards to make strategic decisions to reduce bottlenecks and improve efficiency.
    • Strategically leverage the rapidly expanding data as a valuable resource with quick data visualization.  
    • Automated and customised insights reports to begin your day with.

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