Empowering PACE Organisations to

Optimize IDT Workflows
Meet your 100% Audit goal
Streamline Quality Check and Analysis

Increase effectiveness of PACE Program’s care management with AI-driven automation and analytics that enables you to:

Foster Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Boost Operational Efficiency and for Value-Based Care Excellence
Facilitate seamless adherence to regulatory guidelines, reporting obligations, and compliance requirements
Facilitate Prompt Payment Reception for PACE Participants
Simplify Enrollment and improve Data Management by eliminating paper work
Real-Time Tracking of Key Risk Factors for Proactive Participant Monitoring
Timely Assessment and Response to Participants’ Healthcare Needs


AI is Reshaping PACE Plan Management: Effortless Compliances Adherence and Achieve 100% Audit Goals

Explore how AI-driven automation and analytics helps PACE providers improve care delivery by streamlining processes, improving compliance, and efficiency.
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We help you with:


Supercharge your care planning with custom dashboards and Empower your PACE organization to make real-time decisions, compiling insights from financial, clinical, and operational data, all in real-time.


Automate, simplify and speed up the most complex & Time sensitive PACE processes to enhance participant care

  • Reduction in-home visits and workflow efficiency.
  • Increased Participant Satisfaction
  • Reduce Avoidable Hospitalizations
  • Create a stress-free work environment

Experience seamless interoperability, participant engagement and decision-making


Here are a few examples of how we support the PACE initiative:

  • Quality Checks and Audit reports for Initial & Re-assessments
  • Care Plan: Problem, Goal, Intervention Status Tracker
  • Specialty External Provider Scheduling & Consults Status Tracker
  • SDR Status tracker for timely service delivery and compliance

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    Achieving 100% Audit Rate for PACE Plan at a CCRC through AI-Powered Solutions

    Case Study

    Achieving a remarkable audit rate for the PACE Plan at a leading Continuing Care Community posed multifaceted challenges. NuAIg’s solution included tailored AI-enabled dashboards for swift decision-making and compliance, along with AI bots to streamline participant data and report generation. This approach culminated in ensuring precise compliance, top-notch assessments, and 24/7 monitoring of crucial aspects.

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