For Senior living providers looking to increase revenue by elevating resident experience, increase occupancy, efficiency, and save costs.

Are you looking for looking for all these things?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and its constituents can help you achieve all of these and give caregiver peace of mind.

    Example of savings we brought to our provider client across functions

    What our Clients say

    With great enthusiasm and appreciation, I reflect upon our    partnership with NuAlg. Our partnership with NuAlg has been    transformative.

    NuAlg has proven to be an invaluable ally, bringing a depth of    understanding and expertise to the table that has significantly    enhanced our operations. Their expertise, commitment, and    innovative approach have been key drivers of the digital    transformation success at Ingleside. We look forward to continuing    this fruitful collaboration and exploring new frontiers together.

       - Dusanka Delovska-Trajkova | Chief Information Officer   

    As the Vice President for Innovation at United Methodist Communities, I am always on the lookout for innovative solutions and partnerships that can elevate our operational efficiency and service quality. Our collaboration with NuAlg has been a standout in this regard.

    Their Center of Excellence, featuring a team of accomplished developers, process specialists, data analysts, and automation experts, has been a vital asset in optimizing and automating our processes.

    What sets NuAlg apart is its exceptional understanding of our industry and its nuances. This deep insight has enabled them to tailor solutions that are not only effective but also seamlessly integrated into our unique environment. Their contribution has streamlined our workflows, allowing us to focus more intently on our core mission of serving our community. The expertise, support, and industry-specific knowledge provided by NuAlg have been key to our pursuit of innovation and excellence.

       - Travis Gleinig | Vice President of Innovation & CIO   

    Our approach

    We help you to provide roadmap for your digital transformation journey, improve your workflows, create the dashboard so that you can get a holistic view of your community.
    Assessing the digital maturity
    Implementing Solution
    Educating stakeholders
    Scaling Adoption
    Architecting the roadmap

    Reaping the benefits, realizing the potential

    By empowering administrative processes with AI and constituents’ providers can
    • Enhance Resident Experience
    • Accelerate Operational Efficiency
    • Get Data Driven insights
    • Personalized Care Delivery
    • Meet Compliance & Audit Goals
    • Gain Competitve Advantage

    Our LeadingAge CAST Case Study

    Some Analysis & KPIs implemented
    Historical Occupancy Trend Analysis
    Trend Analysis with respect to Payer Type
    Invoice Analysis, Accounts Payable Analysis
    Revenue Growth Summary
    Analysis of Donations Received
    data analytics case study to improve decision making

    Transform your senior living community with NuAIg.

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